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is our biggest value based on which we created this brand. We grew up together sharing dreams and one of them was working together. When we became mothers we made it happen. Now we believe in friendship even stronger and we bring that value to our customers. We want to be transparent to you and treat you as a friend. Getting on well with you is important to us!


respect to mother nature

we consider ourselves an environment friendly brand, we believe there is too much of everything in the world and we strive to meet the absolute necessity of your nursery checklist making sure at the same time that our products are of very good quality, durable and timeless bringing joy to many generations, siblings, cousins and friends of them being shared and reused.



we produce only from all natural ingredients and textiles, we dissent ourselves from plastic packing and plastic-like fabrics, we don’t use excessive promo materials and leaflets, we make sure that our accessories bring only ease and healthy comfort to you and your closest ones.

We also pay attention to what happens around us, to our communities – we are engaged and try to show our philanthropic heart as much as possible.

We believe and support fair trade and fair pay – we produce in Poland making sure the conditions our designs come to life are safe and desirable for the ones who help us create our brand. The happiness of our contractors, customers, partners and vendors is important to us!

If you feel you may like the way we run our brand you will love our products !